Lake Cable Nursery

Plants and More

Beautiful Perennials

Our perennials are all Ohio grown and are selected for quality and vigor.

Colorful Annuals

We carry only the finest colorful bedding annuals, hanging baskets and 4.5" pots from local growers. From the newest varieties to the tried and true, we've got them all!

Potted trees and shrubs

All of our trees are Ohio grown for superior hardiness. Our potted trees and shrubs are available for planting year round, while most of our larger balled trees are planted in late Fall or early Winter.

We also carry many sizes and varieties of flowering ornamental trees including Weeping Cherry, Magnolia, Redbud, Dogwood, Lilac and more.

You will also find a wide variety of flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas, weigelas, and buddleias as well as non-flowering varieties such as boxwood, Fineline buckthorn, juniper and holly.

Edible Plants

We offer a wide selection of veggie and herb plants, all of which are completely ORGANIC once they arrive here at the Garden Center!

Organic Remedies and Fertilizers

In addition to chemical products, we carry many natural and Organic gardening approved fertilizers made with all natural, biodegradable ingredients. We also carry organic herbicides and pesticides by several proven brands.

Lawn Care Products

We offer all natural options for feeding your lawn, featuring micronutrients and beneficial microbes for a healthy natural lawn. We also carry the top selling "Greenview" line of fertilizers, a garden center exclusive brand.

Compost, Premium Mulch and Soil

Bull Country Compost from a local Ohio manufacturer has been our number one seller in soil amendments for the past several years! We also carry top-quality mulch throughout the season, as well as bulk topsoil. Our bagged products include Miracle Gro and Garden Magic soils, Bull Country Compost and peat moss.